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What are the Dangers of a Leaky Roof?

The initial dangers of a leaking roof are damage to the attic area of the house and any items that may be stored there. If there is no attic, or if the leak is large enough, it will damage the interior ceiling, causing damage to paint and ceiling plaster.

How can I tell if my roof is leaking, if I can't SEE any damage?

You may not be able to tell, certainly from ground level, that your roof is damaged.  A certified expert will climb on your roof and do a visual inspection of all shingles, ridge caps and ensure that everything is held down and has not shifted. They will also identify any soft spots in your roof decking that may be a potential problem in the future.

If your roof is in need of replacement, you are in good hands with the professionals at RCI Roofing. We are experienced with both commercial and residential Roof Replacements. We will walk you through the options and explain the materials used, warranties offered and answer any questions you may have.

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Have a pesky leak and not sure where its coming from? Are you worried that the last storm may have done damage that you can't see? Avoid unnecessary, expensive repairs in the future by having your roof inspected by the professionals at RCI Roofing. We'll give you  a fair, honest expert evaluation.

Storm Damage Repair

Did the last storm that passed through leave you with damage to your roof? Storms in Iowa can be unpredictable at best. The damage they leave behind isn't always obvious to most home owners.  Even though your roof may look fine, you could have problems lurking behind the scenes that may cause you problems in the future. It may not be necessary to replace your whole roof. Ask the professionals at RCI Roofing about your options. We will give you an honest and fair assessment of your situation and will help guide you to the right decision regarding your roofs longevity.

Industry-Leading Materials & Warranty Offered On ALL Jobs

We only work with the highest quality asphalt and metal roof material manufacturers and provide a warranty on all our work. Ask for further details regarding your project.

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